Point Ag antibacterial toilet seat & nozzle
Separate nozzle
Easy installation
Power deodorizing
Leakage breaker built-in
The massage shower
Stain-resistant own structure
JAN 4571196611722
Power source AC220V 50/60Hz
Power consumption 590W
Working water pressure range 0.069~0.735Mpa(0.7~7.5kgf/㎠)
Washing nozzle SPRAY: 1 hole, BIDET: 7 hole
SPRAY washing Max abt.1.2L/min.
BIDET washing Max abt.1.2L/min.
Water pressure adjustment 5 stages
Warm water heater 520W
Warm water tank Hot water storage system
Warm water control Automatic control by micro computer (OFF,35/38/40℃)
Warm water safety devices Idle operation preventive control (Float type), over-teperature protection device, temperature fuse.
Toilet seat heater 60W
Toilet seat surface temperature Automatic control by micro computer (OFF, 35/38/41℃)
Toilet seat safety devices Over-teperature protection device
Deodorizing fan consumption 1W
Deodorant Catalytic deodorization
Operation control Automatic control by micro computer (Interlocked with the seat sensor)
Dimensions W 470mm X D 540mm X H 170mm
Weight 4.2kg
Power cord length 1.2m
Instruction manual lungage English , Chinese
Accessories Branch joint, flexible hose, mounting bolt, lock plate, nozzle tips, connection hose 1m, adjusting sheet
Plug O type
Country of origin Made in KOREA
Box size W 590mm X D 550mm X H 240mm
Box weight 8.0kg
Caution About the toilet bowl on which the product is mounted