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Point Palm-sized and easily stowable
Easy housed in prefabricated
High power Max 180℃
JAN 4571196617960
Power source AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Power consumption 100V: 80W , 120V: 110W , 200V: 160W , 240V: 220W
Soleplate area 70㎠
Dimensions W 152㎜ × D 70㎜ × H 98㎜
Storage: W 158㎜ × D 78㎜ × H 39㎜
Weight 400kg
Power cord length 1.5m
Accessories soft case, C type plug adaptor
Instruction manual lungage English , Japanese
Plug A type
Country of origin Made in P.R.C.
Box size W 170mm X D 135mm X H 45mm
Box weight 510g
Carton 20
Carton size W 520mm X D 190mm X H 300mm
Carton weight 11.0kg
Caution Please read INSTRUCTION MANUAL carefully before using it.